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Avocado You-Pick Experience

Avocado You-Pick Experience

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You heard it right.
Avocado U-Pick in our private avocado grove, here @quixotefarm_ in the hills overlooking San Diego backcountry. Our orchard is assessible only by our super fun ranch vehicle, so it’s like a ride in Disneyland only it’s real😍🥑

Saturday, July 6 (8am-1pm)

Date doesn't work for you? Pull together 4 or more friends for a private date arranged directly with us! We have two ranch vehicles which each carry 5 people.
Email quixotehome@gmail.com for private picks.

13 and up - $25

Children ages 4-12 - $10
*Ages 3 and under free

Bring a friend! We provide 13 and up ticketd a nice sized bag, kids 4-12 a kids sized bag of their own.

Enjoy a 40 minute experience:
10 minute ride up, 10 minute ride down, and about 20 minutes to pick— each standard bag holds about 40 avocados = That’s about $0.50 an avocado, a lot cheaper than anywhere else! Kids bags hold 6-8
Fill the bag to share with your friends and neighbors, or just save them for yourself for the ultimate guacamole session.
All of our Hass Avocados are pesticide free, and when freshly picked, take about 7 days to ripen.

Experience the thrill of the ultimate egg hunt!!
MUST wear boots and bring your sense of fun and adventure!

*This is a seasonal event while avocados are available.

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