Quixote Farm

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Quixote Farm

Quixote Farm is a private, multi-generational biodynamic citrus and avocado farm.
In 2022, we opened an agritourism cottage, which received rave reviews.
Guests enjoy eating in the orchard and taking hikes on the property.
Many people say Quixote Farm resonates with peace and has a restorative effect upon them. We believe it has to do with our emphasis on a superb welcome. To us, being a welcoming farm means using our gifts and privilege to set a place at our table for everyone. All are welcome here.

This summer we officially opened our barn for farmstays.
In Winter 2024 we are opening a few eco retreat camping sites on the hill overlooking the ranch and the valley below.

In addition to coming to our You-Picks during May-August, you can shop on our site for honey from our bees and syrup and jam from our Valencia oranges. We ship avocados, lemons, grapefruit, and oranges straight from the ranch to you. Additionally, we have included artifacts from our lifetime of travel.
Like our guests, every item has a unique story.

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